Albert_RoblesTHE CARSON LEGACY Environmental Pioneer’s Efforts Continue In Prophetic Coincidence

Written by Albert Robles

Today, Monday, April 14, 2014, we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the passing of Rachel L. Carson. She is credited by environmentalists and concerned citizens around the world as the Mother of the Environmental Movement for her pivotal role in raising awareness of man-made threats to the environment. Her seminal work, Silent Spring ignited a grassroots environmental consciousness that led to cleaner air, cleaner water and ultimately to the formation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Needless to say, Silent Spring remains required reading in environmental courses and the environmental movement she started continuous.

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One thought on “THE CARSON LEGACY

  1. barbara van enk

    I’m extremely pleased with your article on Rachel Carson! I had not associated her name with our city before. Let’s provide the citizens of Carson a new path, a renewable energy path and push for solar power, and leave the gas and oil in the ground where it belongs. In 2015 our carbon numbers need to begin to go down , if we are to avoid disasters related to climate change. We keep ignoring that huge cloud hanging over our head. Barbara Van Enk


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