Moratorium Extension versus China Trip

By Glenn White

Glenn White

Ten days prior to the expiration of the ordinance, the City Council must issue a written report describing the measures taken to alleviate the condition that led to the adoption of the ordinance. (Gov’t Code Section 65858(d).) As it read this it’s impossible to provide such a report earlier than the deadline date, as those conditions haven’t had their opportunity to be alleviated.

By leaving and being gone when the report is due to come out, they’ll have no chance to vote on it, at that time and it’s gone. Dear can simply claim it wasn’t his fault because he was out of town.

We have to make it clear to him that it’s his job to be in town protecting the residents of Carson, which is what he agreed to when he voted for the ordinance, as did Robles. We didn’t hire them as overseas ambassadors or business agents. They can send someone else to do that. This is a betrayal of his Mayoral duties so he can take a foreign vacation.

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