Tesoro seeks to bring Carson, Wilmington refineries together

In an October letter to AQMD officials, Carson Associate Planner Saied Naaseh said that rather than improve emissions, the project will more likely increase them, and that the agency’s study should also address how community aesthetics and nearby residential areas could be harmed, among other concerns.

“The proposed project is intensifying the existing operations by proposing new equipment, tanks, pipes, etc., and is proposed to generate additional emissions despite eliminating an FCCU unit,” Naaseh wrote. “The project should strive to reduce emissions, not increase them.”

The letter also argues that the city of Carson — not the AQMD — should be the lead agency of the environmental review, and that Tesoro will need to obtain city permits before beginning construction.

The city withdrew its request to be the lead agency in December, but City Manager Nelson Hernandez refused to comment on the matter. Community members have submitted two letters to the AQMD expressing concern about proposed increased deliveries of highly flammable liquid petroleum gas to the refinery.

Mayor Jim Dear sent a letter in October to Tesoro officials praising the project, which has enthusiastic support from labor unions.

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One thought on “Tesoro seeks to bring Carson, Wilmington refineries together

  1. william smalley

    Carson Mayor Jim Dear would approve almost any project as long as it brought campaign donations to his pocket. Carson is a very corrupt city as evidenced by the fact to two past mayors have just recently been released from prison. Carson needs new leadership in the worst way otherwise Carson will continue to by run by a maniac who has visions of turning Carson into a Kingdom where he is the “King” and others bow at his feet. Wake-up Carson, your mayor needs to be sent back to Gardena permanently.


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