Carson Oxy CRCManipulation of the Media

Get your phones, cameras and video recorders charged for the August 21, 2014 oil and gas code workshop 6:00 pm at the community center. We need to let Oxy’s investors know we don’t want them in Carson and they need to avoid us like they have Beverly Hills

Link to Beverly Hills drilling and fracturing ordinance

Link to Bloomberg article: Occidental Won’t Drill Where Not Wanted in California

The new company, which will be spun off to shareholders as California Resources Corp. by year end, won’t drill in communities that oppose oil and gas activity or hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, Chazen said in a call with investors today. Occidental can avoid communities such as Beverly Hills, which have passed limits on fracking, he said.

But when Carson residents fought to stop 200 oil wells from operating in our city it’s been covered up and not reported in the news instead they reported our turnout to stop new drilling was just for bullying, child molester and chain-link fence issues.

In this KCAL9 report on January 21, 2014 Mayor Jim Dear suggests the chain-link fence ordinance was some kind of a mix-up, that it was never the intent of the Mayor’s office and that there’s a little bit of a disconnect.

Two weeks later on February 4, 2014 at the City Council Meeting Mayor Jim Dear stated that the planning commission voted unanimously to remove the chain-link fence ordinance completely from their agenda.

Yet on February 11, 2014 after 3 weeks of knowing the chain-link fence issue was to be removed from the agenda the media was alerted and reported Carson residents as attending the Oxy DEIR Workshop for a chain-link fence issue.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

It’s up to us to let Carson City Council and Oxy’s investors know we want No New Drilling in Carson. We need to flood the internet with our images and stories. When you attend the oil and gas code workshop take pictures and videos and post them on your favorite site whether it be Flicker, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or your own blog. You can send us a link at and we will share them as well.

You can also contact the local media and tell them know you want them to report the resident’s of Carson side of oil drilling. Thanks to Angela a volunteer here Carson for her work on the attached media contacts.
Link to media contacts

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