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Dear all,
I like to announce I have officially launched the website, a living database on fracking. This website is not complete yet since it lives through your contribution as well. I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible but I know that only you guys out there have the most precise knowledge concerning the “situation on the ground”. Continue reading

Setting the record straight

There have been some statements posted on Carson Connected’s Facebook page and I would like to set the record straight.  First off, it was said that I said the MMR vaccine did not cause autism.  I never said that, I posed a question asking if it is just a coincidence that California started watering crops that feed the world with oil drilling wastewater approximately 2 years before the epidemic of autism started and a surge autism in 2011 when we had a surge in oil drilling in California.  There have been many tests one of them the in 2015 by JAMA who tested 96,000 children and it was determined not to be the cause of the epidemic.  It seems after 20 years of poisoning us with oil drilling wastewater they’d begin real testing on the effects. Continue reading

Looks like we struck a nerve and the city is promoting a fraud

Watering produce with oil drilling wastewater seems to have struck a nerve

Not just here, in Carson but around the world, our last email struck a nerve with the question if it is “Just a coincidence that the epidemic of autism hit after the first crops went out to market?”

The City of Carson’s response; promote a debunked movie that claims autism is caused by the MMR vaccine. It’s an outrage for our city to risk the progress made with autism by promoting this smoke screen.

The autism epidemic began approximately two years after the watering of our produce with oil drilling wastewater began.  In addition to that, in 2011 when we experienced a surge in oil drilling, we also experienced a surge in autism.

It seems the very suggestion struck a nerve for the City of Carson to allow the promoting this FREE Movie Screening and theoryThis movie is a disgrace to the families affected by autism and the work accomplished over two decades. 

Continue reading


Carson city council unable to defend actions

Carson city council unable to defend their actions decides to playing the game “if we don’t acknowledge them than they don’t exist”.  I guess they’re unaware our last email was read around the world.  Thank you to all who shared, posted and help to spread the truth around the world.  Keep up the great work!

We received kind words and encouragement from many.  One of our favorite messages received said, “Here’s hoping word and concern spreads.  Thanks so much for sharing this!  (And, your recent posts this morning – contacted friends in Argentina, Catholics, scientists, filmmaker).”

So, you see we don’t need the criminals of Carson acknowledging anything we do.  Below is the world map and US map which shows exactly where our last email has been read over and over, by thousands.



United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, India, Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Monaco, Philippines, Portugal, and Vietnam


California, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington



Occidental Petroleum aka California Resources Corporation aka SOCAL Holdings LLC


Occidental Petroleum aka California Resources Corporation aka SOCAL Holdings LLC can’t seem to get it together by following the law.  SOCAL Holdings LLC began operations yesterday at the Oxy Project site and their first act was to force the commissioner’s illegal work under the rug and move forward as if nothing happened.  All the better for the residents when we file our lawsuit.

The city continues to break the law; all the planning commissioners had to be reappointed on Saturday November 21, 2015 because proper noticing of the vacant positions was not given.  Which means only friends of City Council would have known to apply.  Any work they have done since Albert Robles vacated the seats and appointed the planning commissioners needs to be thrown out.

As you can see not all commissioners had to be reappointed but all of the planning commissioners did.

List of CC&B dated 11-24-15

Oxy again?

OxyCRCAlbert Robles





It is being said around Carson that Occidental Petroleum aka Oxy aka California Resources Corporation is behind the persecution of Albert Robles.  That his illegal activity is being exposed because he called for a moratorium.

If Albert Robles is really against the contamination and earthquakes oil drilling brings then he should step up and protect the city and residents of Carson.  At Tuesday’s council meeting he should call an end to the assault on the city and residents of Carson by calling for an emergency item to be added to the agenda.  He should call for a vote on No New Drilling in Carson and that all existing wells be limited to conventional drilling.


South Bay 1 week 5 earthquakes all originated in Carson
Week of August 30 – September 5, 2015

The yellow dots show the location of all earthquakes in the South Bay area last week.

Map Week of August 30  September 5 2015

4 hit centered around the Oxy Project location, and the other possibly an aftershock that hit near city hall.

City staff told us they checked with Oxy who stated the Oxy Project is NOT fracking, or water flooding.  Without well stimulation they are causing damage to our city.  Our city attorney has stated if we ban fracking it would be an automatic unwinnable quarter of a million dollar lawsuit.  We received reports the planning commission is ready to pass a ban on fracking.  If this ban is passed, it will allow more wells like the 2 Oxy is operating which can be tract to all 5 earthquakes last week.  We’ve already begun the process of becoming another Oklahoma who went from 2 to 875 earthquakes a year.  Oklahoma Report

Given these facts there should be No New Drilling in Carson.  The City of Carson has a right to ban new drilling which will keep the damage to a minimum and allow some wells to remain. So let’s ban ALL New Drilling in Carson the same as other cities have and eliminate the threat of exposure to contamination, earthquakes, and lawsuits.

Carson Companies letter


Importance of the oil ordinance to Carson Companies

In this letter from Carson Companies in the paragraph entitled Importance of the oil ordinance to Carson Companies it is stated 98% of the mineral rights belong to individuals and charities that have been gifted interest, they estimate the value of oil to be worth $2.5 to 4 billion.


This warning runs in the local paper every 3 months.


They want to make the city and the residents responsible for the bad business decisions made to populate the land that contains oil, and not keeping any of the surface rights.  They want us to make good on gifts they gave.  Nowhere in this letter does it address the earthquakes drilling along the fault causes.


If this ordinance passes, it gives our rights to protect our people, community, and future over to those interested in getting the oil out from under our homesBanning New Drilling is mealy a community exercising their rights.

The South Bay has had a dramatic rise in earthquakes since drilling has been amped up.  

The maps below show the difference in earthquakes since the Oxy Project came to Carson.

Map Jan 2004 to Aug 2009

Before Oxy Project January 1, 2004 – December 31, 2009

Map Jan 2010 to Aug 2015

After Oxy Project January 1, 2010 – August 8, 2015

You can get up to date information on earthquakes at the United States Geological Survey website Earthquake Tracker.




City Council Sneaking in New Oil Wells

Albert Robles, Elito Santarina and Lula Davis-Holmes have against the wishes of the Carson residents been helping the oil industry sneak back into Carson.  Much like they helped sneak in Albert Robles.

Jim Dear, Elito Santarina, Lula Davis-Holmes knew they were assisting Albert Robles commit a crime here in Carson.