Can We Count On You Carson?

Can we count on you to be at the city council meeting on Tuesday evening 6:00 PM?

Please invite your family and friends to stand with us to ask city council to adhere to the procedures and policies put into place to protect Carson and its residents and for transparency in Carson City hall.  

Our requests for answers and transparency seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The embarrassing allegations that continue to appear in the press needs to be addressed by our city council. Is pay to play and political kickback alive in our city? Is there something suspicious about Ghaly’s first day as city manager awarding that contract to Uniplan?

We are asking Carson residents to join us once again at the next city council meeting Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 6:00 PM to demand answers to these and other questions.

1. What about the people fired and contracts awarded by Ghaly?

2. Why were city employees put on paid leave of absence?

3. Who vetted Mr. Ghaly? Was it human resources, an outside consultant, who?

4. Why was Mr. Biggs paid $100,000.00 to go away quietly?

5. Do we have abuse of power & misuse of tax payer’s funds?

And many others If we cannot get answers and transparency from our city council at the next council meeting we should take the next step before we become another Bell.

You can read more about the embarrassing allegations in the

Daily Breeze: Carson city manager’s hiring, firing tied to council faction intrigue

And On first day at work, ousted manager Sam Ghaly awarded contract to favored company

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