Just another Carson Con

“The city council has an opportunity to allow the Carson voters an opportunity to really decide these issues”     City Manager Kenneth Farfsing, August 11, 2016

Much like the way they robbed the City of Carson it’s right to ever place a moratorium on oil drilling, and how they signed a Tesoro/Andeavor tax credit/45 Million Dollar Community Benefits Agreement Carson City Council legalized the recreational marijuana industry here in Carson.

The People’s Climate March

The People’s Climate March was a great day, with Jane Fonda, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., organizations and it is being reported more than 5,000 people came together to stand up for the health and well being of our community.  There was no sign of any Carson official at this event (you will find them in some of the photos below take at events on Saturday).   Could it be the donations made to them or their pet projects are keeping them from standing with us?  Is it their allegiance to the corporations, which kept them from alerting the public about the plans to build the largest refinery in the Western United States here in Carson?

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Connected we can live life UNLIMITED


Despite the City of Carson putting out the welcome mat for oil drilling, and well stimulation including fracking we are celebrating 6 years of keeping the oil in the ground here in Carson California. To celebrate this momentous accomplishment we are hosting a movie watch party in our home. Space is limited so we’re asking everyone to help us in making this the biggest celebration possible by hosting your own watch party, invite your friends and family to join in watching Josh Fox’s new film, HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THINGS CLIMATE CAN’T CHANGE. Continue reading


Dear all,
I like to announce I have officially launched the frack-free.rocks website, a living database on fracking. This website is not complete yet since it lives through your contribution as well. I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible but I know that only you guys out there have the most precise knowledge concerning the “situation on the ground”. Continue reading

Setting the record straight

There have been some statements posted on Carson Connected’s Facebook page and I would like to set the record straight.  First off, it was said that I said the MMR vaccine did not cause autism.  I never said that, I posed a question asking if it is just a coincidence that California started watering crops that feed the world with oil drilling wastewater approximately 2 years before the epidemic of autism started and a surge autism in 2011 when we had a surge in oil drilling in California.  There have been many tests one of them the in 2015 by JAMA who tested 96,000 children and it was determined not to be the cause of the epidemic.  It seems after 20 years of poisoning us with oil drilling wastewater they’d begin real testing on the effects. Continue reading


“I attended the movie primer Vaxxed this evening, and was called outside by the person responsible for inviting this fraud to the city and people of Carson. She told me she saw the movie and was compelled to bring it to Carson, she went on to tell me her doctor a Kaiser has since told her there is no connection between the MMR vaccination and autism. I went back in and the movie was stating the MMR vaccination causes African American boys to get autism. Outraged and discussed I had to leave; as I was walking out, I could not help myself but to ask her “who is going to tell these people this is a fraud”.
If the elected official who brought this fraud to Carson found out this is a fraud than why did she not take it off the City of Carson’s website?????????
Absolutely outrageous!”

Looks like we struck a nerve and the city is promoting a fraud

Watering produce with oil drilling wastewater seems to have struck a nerve

Not just here, in Carson but around the world, our last email struck a nerve with the question if it is “Just a coincidence that the epidemic of autism hit after the first crops went out to market?”

The City of Carson’s response; promote a debunked movie that claims autism is caused by the MMR vaccine. It’s an outrage for our city to risk the progress made with autism by promoting this smoke screen.

The autism epidemic began approximately two years after the watering of our produce with oil drilling wastewater began.  In addition to that, in 2011 when we experienced a surge in oil drilling, we also experienced a surge in autism.

It seems the very suggestion struck a nerve for the City of Carson to allow the promoting this FREE Movie Screening and theoryThis movie is a disgrace to the families affected by autism and the work accomplished over two decades. 

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Carson backs away from its ban on fracking

The criminals of Carson couldn’t force the residents to be responsible to pay to stop fracking so they just gave up.  Their illegal actions were not just to force fracking but oil drilling in whole, as such any drilling will be subject to removal just like the criminals holding positions here in Carson California.

Link to Daily Breeze article Carson backs away from its ban on fracking

Carson city council unable to defend actions

Carson city council unable to defend their actions decides to playing the game “if we don’t acknowledge them than they don’t exist”.  I guess they’re unaware our last email was read around the world.  Thank you to all who shared, posted and help to spread the truth around the world.  Keep up the great work!

We received kind words and encouragement from many.  One of our favorite messages received said, “Here’s hoping word and concern spreads.  Thanks so much for sharing this!  (And, your recent posts this morning – contacted friends in Argentina, Catholics, scientists, filmmaker).”

So, you see we don’t need the criminals of Carson acknowledging anything we do.  Below is the world map and US map which shows exactly where our last email has been read over and over, by thousands.



United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, India, Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Monaco, Philippines, Portugal, and Vietnam


California, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington



In the News

60 MINUTES – Oklahoma’s Rise in Quakes Linked to Man-Made Causes60 Minutes Oil Drilling Earthquakes

If you missed 60 Minutes regarding oil-drilling earthquakes, you need to look at what the people who hold elected positions in the City of Carson voted to do to not just Carson but to the South Bay.  One of these oil-drilling earthquakes shook 14 states.  This report was emailed to city council and staff before the 2nd reading of the oil & Gas.  60 Minutes Overtime

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Inaccurate/fraudulent statements made to force extreme oil drilling on the Newport-Inglewood fault

Inaccurate fraudulent statements

City Attorney Sanaz (Sunny) K. Soltani made the statement that the loophole is not a loophole, it’s a legal standard”.  In fact, it is a loophole, which makes the residents responsible for the expected profits of the operator.  Appointed Mayor Albert Robles and assistant city attorney Shannon L. Chaffin’s states there will be no drilling operations/production in residential areas.  The truth of the matter is they will be drilling directly under our homes. Inaccurate/fraudulent statements also include “we have no water injection for disposal”; California standard is the wastewater is to be injected into the same formation/zone that is producing the oil and water.  This activity is exactly what has caused Oklahoma to go from 2 earthquakes a year to 857 magnitudes 3 or greater in 2015.  If they presented clear and accurate information this ordinance would never pass.  Continue reading