Public hearing to extend moratorium on oil drilling

April 29, 2014 Public Hearing to extend temporary moratorium on the drilling, redrilling or deepening of any new or existing wells within the jurisdiction of Carson California that are associated with oil and/or gas operations.

Carson City Attorney

Carson City Attorney Wynder explains the consequences of allowing the moratorium to expire.

Councilman Albert Robles

Councilman Robles explains how he was illegally detained by union members. He is long winded but his words are very important it is more than 30 minutes.

The Vote

Mayor Dear, Councilman Elito Santarina and Councilman Mike Gipson betrayed the residents of Carson forcing the protection of our moratorium to expire. The cheering after the vote is union workers who for the most part were brought to Carson to bully us out of our moratorium.

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