Apology to Occidental Petroleum

OxyCRCOn April 30, 2015, I carelessly sent out an email trying to make a point that the City of Carson moved the Newport/Inglewood fault.  I made a statement that the Oxy Project caused 2 earthquakes in Carson.  What I meant to say was I believe the Oxy Project caused 2 earthquakes.

In a back and forth conversation with Attorney Wynder from the law office that works for the city of Carson I corrected that statement.  Link to email.  He did not feel it necessary to correct it in the public records.

Up until this time my emails were not being put into the record or on the internet.  And when I asked that cretin emails be included in the record all of the sudden all of my emails are showing up.

I have sent an apology to all concerned parties and requested it be corrected in the record.


Lori Noflin

Below is said email.

From: Lori Noflin [mailto:lnoflin@att.net]

Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2015 7:47 AM


Subject: Newport Inglewood Fault

I guess God decided to show you where the Newport/Inglewood fault is.  It is under out homes.  Stop the assault on the City of Carson.  This is the second earthquake caused by the Oxy Project!!!

You have all the evidence you need to stop the destruction of Carson or you will be responsible for the damage your actions cause.


Lori Noflin

Carson Connected

310 885-5860

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