“I attended the movie primer Vaxxed this evening, and was called outside by the person responsible for inviting this fraud to the city and people of Carson. She told me she saw the movie and was compelled to bring it to Carson, she went on to tell me her doctor a Kaiser has since told her there is no connection between the MMR vaccination and autism. I went back in and the movie was stating the MMR vaccination causes African American boys to get autism. Outraged and discussed I had to leave; as I was walking out, I could not help myself but to ask her “who is going to tell these people this is a fraud”.
If the elected official who brought this fraud to Carson found out this is a fraud than why did she not take it off the City of Carson’s website?????????
Absolutely outrageous!”

One thought on “Vaxxed

  1. Lori Noflin

    The elected official has since told me it is Juice C Juice Books and More here in Carson is who is responsible for perpetrating this fraud on the residents of Carson. Makes you wonder if the juice they serve has been irrigated with oil drilling waste water.


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